Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd

The growth of Small Scale Industries in our country since independence is rightly regarded as one of the most significant features of planned economic development. The very concept of small-scale industries, as we know, was not in vogue on the eve of independence. Rural and Cottage industries, which constituted the “indigenous sector” of our industries, were wide spread throughout the length and breadth of our country. Various programmes to sustain, modernize and further develop this group of industries were initiated soon after the independence and the modern small-scale industry scheme has gradually emerged out of this programme. The Small Scale Industries have provided opportunities for self-employment to educated young men and experienced technicians from the middle level of society and contributed full to the growth of industrial entrepreneurship in our country. Today small-scale industry is regarded as power tool for balanced regional economic development. These achievements are primarily due to the dynamic enterprising spirit of the small-scale industrialists themselves. A positive programme for assistance of small-scale industries was initiated towards the end of 1954 on the basis of a suggestion made by the international planning team sponsored by the Ford Foundation at the request of Govt. of India. Further, on the basis of the recommendations of the central small scale industries advisory board the state level organizations to assist the small scale industries for procurement of scarce raw materials establishment of industrial estates, etc, have been set up in all states. KSSIDC, is one of such Corporations, established on 29th April 1960.The registered office of the Company started functioning at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka. The Company framed comprehensive and well-defined Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. Which permit the Corporation to take up any activity aimed at the rapid development of small-scale industry, subject to the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time and also as per Govtorder as under.


a. Plot/Shed allotment letter, Possession certificate, Execution of Lease Deed and Plan approval


• Before filing for KSSIDC service, applicant needs to make sure that

1. Inprinciple approval obtained from Karnataka Udyog Mitra online. To know more about the KSSIDC procedure refers to http://kssidc.in/


Sample Application Form and Mandatory document list:

Download the sample application form of KSSIDC for reference and Mandatory document list : Click Here

• Department may seek for additional document other than listed in mandatory document list based on the type of project proposal and circumstances.


Processing Steps:

Your application, once submitted will flow through the following status before the clearances/NOC’s is completed. You may use this information to track the status of your application

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Note: At any point of time, if the department seeks any of the information from project proponent, the process of the application will be pending with the project proponent and not with the department.


Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation Limited,
Industrial Estate, Rajajinagar,
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e-mail : kssidcho@vsnl.com

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